Untangling Bureaucratic Obstacles To Open Untapped Markets

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We were engaged to help add an innovative solution to the client’s global price list that was bogged down in internal bureaucratic blockages.

Client Challenges

Our client was frustrated because opportunities to expand in untapped channels were not being realized due to internal bureaucratic blockages.

  • The key was to get the partner’s product on the client’s price list
  • The burden of accomplishing this fell on the Partner Account Manager in the middle of a significant internal organizational change
  • The process was taking too long and the partner client relationship was suffering due to delays

How We Solved It

Our consultant identified the global price list as the root cause of the market delay and identified what needed to happen to get the job done.

  • We took over the process and kept the internal and external stakeholders moving forward
  • Our consultant was the ‘touchpoint’ for the entire process, driving it forward, making sure that actions got accomplished, and the process kept on track
  • Once the global price list was completed, we worked with the client and partner to socialize the partner’s products and solutions to the relevant industry and vertical account teams within the client’s firm

Business Impact

Because we were able to accomplish updating the global price list in record time, our client was able to move forward into untapped markets.

  • The Partner was able to work with client account managers to sell the solution because it was priced in their internal systems
  • The client was able to leverage a partner’s knowledge and resources to sell more of their products and solutions

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