Transforming In-Person Partner Relationships To Virtual Offsites

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Case Study

Transforming In-Person Partner Relationships To Virtual Offsites

Virtual Events

Our client’s onsite partner event was abruptly cancelled due to travel restrictions and border closures as a result of COVID-19. We implemented virtual conferencing with interactive entertainment throughout the event to engage participants and strengthen relationships.

Client Challenge

Developing and maintaining strong partner relationships is critical to the success of our client’s sales.  Their current competition is fierce, and every piece of market share is valuable.

Normally, on a quarterly basis – everyone would fly into a central location, provide quarterly updates at various conference rooms, and meet before, during, and after at hosted executive events. Evening entertainment was provided.

With borders closed and travel halted, hosting in-person meetings was impossible.     With limited options to meet, relationships driving strategic partnerships were at risk.

Our client asked us to provide a solution where participants could meet virtually while also engaging in high-touch services and post-event entertainment that was relevant and enjoyable to the audience.

How We Solved It

We implemented an end to end strategy to ensure a seamless, high-end experience.   For the presenters, we paired them with a dedicated concierge to make sure that the online experience was first-rate.  We also set up the virtual platform and set up a voluntary tutorial for participants one week prior, aiding with one-on-one support.   Finally, we arranged entertainment for all attendees.

Our white-glove services included:

  • Nutritional breaks delivered to each participant the first day of the event via a meal courier
  • We designated a meeting host to collect presentations and reports from all presenters, prior to the event which was made sharable to participants
  • Out client host moderated the event, captured notes, and provided fact-checking as required
  • Guests were invited to a one-hour private concert by a well-known artist and received a package containing their favorite bottle of wine and 2 glasses
  • Participants were given chances to win an opportunity to make a live song request and the artist also helped to announce two award winners

Our attention to detail and commitment to deliver a first-class experience was recognized by our clients and all meeting participants.

Business Impact

Our client was able to reduce travel and meetings times, all while maintaining vital customer relationships.  Our individualized service to event participants made them feel appreciated, informed and energized to propel business forward.

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