Streamlining the Event Planning Process Freed Up Significant Client Time

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Our client had an unwieldy event planning process, which resulted in stressful long hours and last-minute preparations. By providing streamlining event set-up communications, we were able to their prep cycle and eliminate last-minute emergencies.

Client Challenge

Our client was capable of building and executing their own online events but had a cumbersome planning process.  They were falling behind coordinating speakers and facilitators and spending unwieldy long hours to meet the time-sensitive requirements of an upcoming conference.

With the entire team overloaded dealing with the growing task list, they were unable to deal with other critical business matters.

As the pressure continued to climb, we were called in to provide a solution that would re-align the broken lines of communication, not to mention an entire team and project, to meet looming deadlines.

How We Solved It

In just 3 days, our team delivered a complete turn-around.  We assessed and re-designed their event planning process, from point of takeover to event day.

Our services included the following:

  • Management of the co-branded registration website
  • Ownership of registration event emails, invites, and process
  • Event reminders
  • Post-event feedback and surveys

This meant that our client was able to invest their efforts back into the customer experience while we handled the back-end cleanup.

Business Impact

With our intervention, our client could focus on stakeholders instead of logistics.  They had space to foster post-event customer relationships and secure valuable revenue generated from the successful engagement.

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