Powering Remote Performance

At Virtira, we use our decades of remote work experience to help companies sell better, grow faster, and be more productive in or out of the office.
Sales Acceleration

Clear the path to closing.

Supplement your sales organization with one of our expertly trained sales acceleration teams. We use innovative project management methods to reduce administrative burden and clear the path for sales leaders to focus on what they do best- closing.
Channel Partner Enablement

Align your co-selling partners for growth.

Our expert team integrates seamlessly into your co-selling partnerships to bring your team the clarity they need to drive growth.
Remote Team Enablement

Work better together from anywhere.

We apply innovative project management techniques to our years of remote work experience to help organizations increase operational performance and reduce the friction of virtual and hybrid work.

The Power of Remote

With increased demand for hybrid and fully remote work styles, most firms understand that some form of distance work is here to stay – and have put some remote protocols in place. But are they the right ones?

It’s time to take advantage of the many opportunities remote work presents. Stop saying “we’re not there yet,” and start saying “we’ve arrived!”

This book will show you how.

“If you’re looking for a playbook to harness the power of remote work, look no further.”

Karin M. Reed

Speaker Dynamics CEO & award-winning author of Suddenly Virtual

“A brilliant read that drills down to the core of the challenges and opportunities of remote work.”

Ryan Fahey

Bestselling author of How To Thrive In Remote Working Environments

“A valuable nuts and bolts review of the remote work revolution that could become essential reading as the remote work trend dominates the future of work.”

Derek Gallimore

Bestselling author of Inside Outsourcing

“Offer tools and insights that will help expand your leadership toolkit to meet the changing needs and demands arising from this new world of work.”

Tanveer Naseer

Inc. 100 Leadership Speaker

“It contains context for the changes we’re going through, from people who’ve been there and done that.”

Wayne Turmel

Co-founder of the Remote Leadership Institute and co-author of the bestselling The Long-Distance Leader

“With so much misunderstanding around the shift from in-person to remote work, The Power of Remote comes at the perfect time – and with all the right information.”

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times’ bestselling author of The Earned Life and other books

“The Power of Remote will give you the tools to navigate this new territory and create, support and manage a thriving remote team.”

Jason Vale

CEO Juice Master Ltd

“Drawing on rigorous research, relevant cases, and personal experiences, Cynthia and Shane offer insights, practices, and actions that enable remote work to work.”

Dave Ulrich

BusinessWeek’s #1 Management Educator

“A detailed roadmap for evolving into a high-performing virtual team.”

Lisette Sutherland

Author of award-winning Work Together Anywhere

“The best guide yet for those moving to a more remote operating model.”

Peter Cappelli

Author of bestselling The Future of the Office

Supercharge Your Growth

The hybrid workplace is here. Are you ready?