Saving a Client-Partner Relationship

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Case Study

Saving a Client-Partner Relationship

A small but technologically important partner had a strained relationship with our client; even the smallest of issues getting escalated to conflicts.  By dedicating a specialized resource to identify and resolve the source of the conflict, our client was able to save the relationship and an important new technology channel representing significant revenues.

Client Challenge

Lack of attention to the partner by the client led to issues and conflicts and near loss of the channel.

  • Partner was unhappy with the response time, difficulties with integration, and several other open issues.
  • The dissatisfied partner threatened to quit and stop carrying the client’s gear completely.
  • Because the client is a very large company, the partner found it hard to get a response for weeks, making them feel neglected.

How We Solved It

Our consultants took control of the situation, resolved immediate issues, and worked towards building a better relationship with the partner.

  • Our resource was dedicated to give immediate attention to and work towards quickly resolving conflicts and issues.
  • Set up weekly calls to bring together all parties and create reporting cadence, a sense of responsibility, and being taken care of.
  • Our resource provided 24/7 accessibility to the partner on the client’s behalf, ensuring that issues are quickly resolved and not escalated.
  • Ensuring that the partner is aware of the latest product offering from the client.
  • Educating the partner to ensure they are using the product offering as they should be.
  • Making sure that the partners do not try to take something to the market that they are not prepared for — that means making sure everybody in the partner organization is properly trained.

Business Impact

Because the partner was small and the client is a very big organization, an important part of our role was to cover and protect the partner and help them work with such a large company.   We improved response times, conducting meetings and discussions to bring all parties on the same page and give immediate attention to each and every problem as it arose

We helped the client work towards their goal of increasing net revenue, to create a better understanding of the rapidly changing marketplace, and enable seamless integration into their existing customer base. This was the result of improved and strengthened relations between the client and the partner.


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