Sales Operations Allows Systems Engineers to Focus on Customers

Case Studies Sales Operations
Virtira Sales Operations

A systems engineer was spending 40% of her time processing client orders and there wasn’t a budget for full-time administrative support. Virtira implemented a 10-hour per week support program and transformed the engineering support for customers.

Client Challenge

Hiring a full-time field sales administrator was not possible because there was not enough client work for one individual. The work fell to the systems engineer. The entire sales team suffered due to the lack of full-time engineering support.

How We Solved It

Virtira provided national client fulfillment support which allowed the systems engineer to focus on sales initiatives. Our support specialist:

  • Provided feedback to sales teams when order flow changed which could represent a competitive threat
  • Implemented action item tracking to ensure orders stayed on track across a major international customer

Business Impact

Virtira’s flexible resourcing enabled overloaded internal personnel to focus on supporting sales initiatives rather than dealing with customer administrative issues.