Reduce virtual event risks with professional facilitation and concierge services.

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Case Study

Reduce virtual event risks with professional facilitation and concierge services.

Virtual Events

Our client was moving to their first online conference and wanted an outstanding attendee experience.

Our facilitation and concierge tag-team approach provided an extra safety net to make sure that both live and behind-the-scenes operations were smooth for presenters and audience.

Client Challenge

Our client was tasked with moving a previously live scheduled event online. They were faced with a bewildering set of virtual event and conferencing platforms and didn’t have time to test each one to determine which one would be the best fit.  They also were juggling numerous tracks over the two-day event and didn’t feel they could properly prepare or coach each presenter to deal with bandwidth, sound, or computer issues.

With their resources were stretched thin, they needed a solution that could promise reliability, organization, and cohesion – and relieve them from the worries of implementation malfunction and awkwardness among presentations.  They called us in to provide support.

How We Solved It

Many virtual event and conference support programs offer facilitation services. This handles technical issues but sometimes does not provide presenters the support they need to look good online.

By teaming our facilitators with presenter concierges, we were able to provide extra safety nets across all presentations and the event itself.

Our facilitation and concierge teams managed the following:

  • Pre-event support to identify risks and adjust accordingly
  • Professional and standardized hosting support across presentations while managing and reporting live glitches on event day
  • Ensure support readily available for attendees by fielding audience concerns behind the scenes
  • Assured overall preparedness and execution of the entire virtual event end-to-end

Our client was organized, optimized, and most importantly confident that their event would be executed under careful care and control.

Business Impact

Our dual approach to support relieved the client of the risks which come with moving an entire in-person large-scale event online.  Our support allowed all key players to move their attention back to other initiatives and business drivers,  while Virtira focused on making their event a success.

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