Pre-Sales Workflow Improvements Increased Market Share

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Inefficient use of remote technical support needed to close deals was causing long delays in the enterprise sales process. Our consultants implemented change management and communications strategies, along with process improvement methods, to improve the situation.

Client Challenge

The prospecting process was not yielding the close ratio expected by senior management.

  • Technical resources required for complex sales process took too much time to engage.
  • Account managers were experiencing burnout and low morale.
  • Prospecting process and systems were unwieldly and took a lot of time from actually selling.

How We Solved It

Applying Virtira’s remote management methodologies and incorporating a communications strategy to engage extended stakeholders resulted in a much more streamlined prospecting workflow. As part of this we produced the following:

  • Developed case studies and presentations to fund qualified pre-sales activities.
  • Coordinated resources needed for creative deal structuring to beat the competition.
  • Developed escalation path to rapidly resolve pre-sales roadblocks.
  • Kept all stakeholders accountable and on track via weekly status and daily control.

Business Impact

300% return on investment since program initiated.

  • Program value forecast to be over $600 million.
  • Program garnered accolades from key VPs and SVPs.
  • Won back market share and completely displaced competitor in some accounts.
  • Turned around morale into a “No Lose” mentality.