Organize Product Teams to Drive Customer Bundled Solutions

Organize Product Teams to Drive Customer Bundled Solutions

We facilitated 30 people across 3 business departments and product teams to create and roll out bundled solutions critical to drive client revenues.

Client Challenge

Sales Beacon’s customer needed a better understanding of how bundled solutions could better meet customer needs.

  • Better alignment of pricing models to customer revenue models for increased market penetration
  • Needed top down communications to support the program
  • Sales and marketing coordination and rollout

How We Solved It

  • Provided project support to over 30 people across 3 teams
  • Developed weekly meetings for each of the groups and sub-groups
  • Coordinated and produced stakeholder communications
  • Tracked and followed up on daily action Items
  • Provided summary and progress report writing/editing

Business Impact

Sales Beacon’s program support enabled a solution and customer focused set of product and architecture offerings that better addresses customer short-term and longer term network costs.

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