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Creating a customer and partner newsletter is time-consuming, detail-oriented, and frustrating. Clients often push this type of tool to the bottom of a to-do list, where it is delayed or never completed.  Because we’d done so many of these for other clients, we were able to supply sample design ideas and quickly produce a targeted piece for the client to send to partners and customers.

Client Challenge:

Our client needed a clear and effective way to engage customers with information about products, white papers, events, and general updates. The in-house marketing team was overloaded with global initiatives and lacked the capacity to create and prioritize the newsletter.

The content needed to:

  • Reach customers monthly or bimonthly with a range of relevant information
  • Clearly explain service offerings and opportunities to customers and partners
  • Share important updates and develop ongoing and consistent communication through engaging and relevant material

How We Solved It:

The Virtira consulting team engaged our creative services department, which has created hundreds of customized pieces for clients to support business development efforts.   After reviewing samples with the client, our creative team created an engaging and interactive newsletter that our client could easily distribute to their customers and contacts:

  • Our team pulled together a range of information, including links to videos, links to blogs, links to white papers, and contact information for their team
  • While incorporating the client’s visual and brand guidelines, our creative team created an interactive PDF with engaging graphic design elements and consideration for document flow and clarity
  • We prioritized content creation for fast turnaround time and accurate effective execution of the client’s vision

Business Impact:

With a consistent newsletter tool, our client can strengthen customer relationships:

  • Increased awareness for business partners selling and implementing products
  • Explained service offerings and opportunities to returning and potential customers
  • Maintain consistent and engaging communication with customers

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