Managing 100 Global Employees to Launch a Bundled Cellular Rollout

Managing 100 Global Employees to Launch a Bundled Cellular Rollout

The client’s internal program management office was maxed out with initiatives across numerous cross-functional teams.  They brought us in to manage over 100 team members to develop and deploy a worldwide launch of a bundled cellular solution.

Client Challenge

Our client turned to Sales Beacon to develop a comprehensive change management and delivery plan and hand it off to the internal PMO for execution.

  • Gathered input from global stakeholders in order to ensure appropriate content development
  • Managed the development of a comprehensive rollout out strategy of the client’s cellular global solution
  • Responsible for tracking, follow-up and assuring accountability from nine sub-tracks

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon program consultants coordinated the efforts of nine sub-teams, including marketing, partners, sales, engineering, services, finance, legal and pricing.

  • Developed online tracking dashboards, organized presenters and followed up attendance for a weekly global team call with more than 100 participants
  • Focused and mending intra-team partner and sales relationships that were impacting revenues
  • Tracked and follow up to completion on thousands of action items
  • Provided ongoing stakeholder status reporting

Business Impact

With processes implemented and teams engaged and more streamlined, we were able to complete the assignment and hand this off to an internal team.

  • Significantly higher revenues from partners and sales engaging in opportunities earlier.
  • Sales quota attainment are significantly higher
  • Feedback received was 100% positive

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