Managing Global Content to Support a Multi-$Billion Roll-out

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The customer needed to develop collateral and program support for a new solution being rolled out globally.

We managed input from over 100 stakeholders and delivered the program on time.

Client Challenge

Drive an incremental $1B‚ $2B in revenue by rolling out a new program and all associated content required to support it.

  • Input from over 100 contributors required to deliver the global program
  • Members from sub-teams included marketing, partners, sales, engineering, finance, and legal
  • Coordinate all members’ input to create content

How We Solved It

  • Managed the development of the scope and rolled out the solution
  • Supported sub-teams including marketing, partners, sales, engineering, services, finance and legal
  • Established the agenda and tracked attendance for a weekly global team call
  • Tracked and followed up to completion on thousands of action items
  • Gathered input from global stakeholders in order to ensure appropriate content development

Business Impact

Program was on time and on budget, feedback 100% positive.

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