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Project Rescue

Managing Global Content to Support a Multi-$Billion Roll-out

The customer needed seasoned content program management to support a new solution being rolled out globally. This program included all collateral needed to support the program.

Implementing an Online Dashboard to Support Executive Decisions

The over-burdened analytics team was unable to keep up with the increasing demand for data analytics reports from key stakeholders.

Driving Cross Functional Team Accountability

Slow response from specialized technical resources was slowing sales and resulting in lower revenues.

Organize Product Teams to Create Bundled Solutions

Our client needed a better understanding of how bundled solutions could better meet customer needs.

Managing a Global Launch of a Bundled Cellular Rollout

The client’s internal program management office was maxed out with initiatives across numerous cross-functional teams. They brought us in to manage over 100 team members to develop and deploy a …

Helping Improve Partner Support Increased Revenues by Over 40%

When a client lacked internal resources to support a critical project, Sales Beacon, a Virtira Company, jumped in to quickly launch their advanced solutions to the market through a broad …

Doubling Charitable Revenues with Project Rescue

Our client’s March of Dimes program needed someone to coordinate 500 people, split into 12 main teams, and over 120 sub-teams over a six-month period.   With more work than any …

Meetings That Work

Enterprise Sales Support Increases Revenues 200%

We have specialized sales consultants who focus on implementing part-time support for product, partner and customer teams.

Developing a Discount Offer Program With Specialized Support

Using our services to help organize and follow up team meetings, our client saved time, restored full support to the sales team, and improved staff’s day-to-day life.

Organize Cross Functional Managers to Close a $200M Deal

Our client needed help coordinating finance, legal, and marketing departments, product sales specialists, engineers, architects, and advanced services personnel.

Virtual Events

Transforming In-Person Partner Relationships To Virtual Offsites

Our client’s onsite partner event was abruptly cancelled due to travel restrictions and border closures as a result of COVID-19. We implemented virtual conferencing with interactive entertainment throughout the event …

Reduce virtual event risks with professional facilitation and concierge services.

Our facilitation and concierge tag-team approach provided an extra safety net to make sure that both live and behind-the-scenes operations were smooth for presenters and audience.

Streamlining the event planning process freed up significant client time.

By providing streamlining event set-up communications, we were able to their prep cycle and eliminate last-minute emergencies.

Increasing Attendee Engagement with Virtual Hallways

Our client’s events moved offline due to COVID and response was flat – there was no attendee engagement and interaction. We implemented virtual hallways throughout the event featuring various activities …

Building Adoption at Partner Training Events

With so many architectures and solutions, a big adoption success factor lies in making partners trained and aware of products and releases that are available. As a result of our …

Advisory Services

Improving Dashboards to Strengthen US-Wide Partner Relationship

We implemented online dashboards and team relationship models for more than 30 people across 6 planning teams and 38 events.

Saving a Client-Partner Relationship

A small but technologically important partner had a strained relationship with our client; even the smallest of issues getting escalated to conflicts. By dedicating a Sales Beacon resource to identifying …

Implementing SAP Hana to Cut Reporting Effort by Over 90%

A legacy data gathering and reporting system that cost many hours to produce and had high risk of errors — was transformed into a scalable Enterprise solution by implementing SAP …

Transforming Customer Satisfaction Reporting to Identify At-Risk Customers

Sales teams were unable to utilize legacy customer satisfaction data to proactively identify high-risk customers. We automated a monthly report that highlighted risks in accounts to all levels of the …

Untangling Bureaucratic Obstacles To Open Untapped Markets

We were engaged to help add an innovative solution on the client’s global price list that was bogged down in internal bureaucratic blockages.

Implementing a Performance Dashboard To Save Managers Time

Managers were spending hours doing tedious manual importing of data into spreadsheets in order to produce the reports they needed to run the business. We streamlined the data gathering methods …

Winning a Pan AM Games Agreement

We were able to successfully help our client win a Pan Am Games contract by taking over the management of hundreds of people.

How a Balanced Score Card Helped Executives Target Strategic Growth

Our consultants transformed manual, inconsistent reporting into enterprise-wide business insights. Business decisions were based on inaccurate, inconsistent information due to the lack of ‘a single source of truth’ for sales …

Maximize Customer Relationships With Targeted Communications

Creating a customer and partner newsletter is time-consuming, detail-oriented, and frustrating. We supplied sample design ideas and quickly produced a targeted piece for the client to send to partners and …