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Check-in On Your Audio Experience

Loud & Clear 2020 | How to Pick the Right Headset

Part of being a thought leader means providing your audience information that is both of value and up to date — it’s the only way to maintain relevancy and credibility. That’s why Virtira stakes out the best and brightest, from articles you can’t afford to miss, to our original proven practices, to need to have vs. nice to have tools and equipment.

With that intention in mind, Virtira makes it a yearly priority to assess and rank the best headsets to ensure our team and yours has the equipment needed to be heard, and most importantly, be professional.

Trust us when we say this — a good headset will make all the difference.

Dodge Disorder
with Dashboards

Dodge Disorder with Dashboards 01

Small amounts of disorganization can lead to disaster, but large amounts can completely destroy progress and create absolute standstills and confusion.

Stop trying to digest and track too much. Make everything available in one snapshot, so it’s where you need it when you need it. Enter our Virtira dashboards. We make accessing instant reporting, status updates, and online resources a one-click stop.

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Data Effectively

Demonstrate Data Effectively

The key to a clear message is simplicity. Something that captures audience attention in record time. Don’t “bury the lead” – or any hard work – in streams of numbers and figures. Highlight what matters and the ability for your deliverables to visually engage.

Still not sure where to begin?

Cleaner Stakeholder
Status Updates & QBRs

Cleaner Stakeholder Status Updates & QBRs

Whether you’re building reports, presentations, or sharing quarterly status updates, take the time to ensure key areas are easily noticed and understood — so stakeholders don’t have to dig for the information they’ve requested.

Meeting Minutes
that Make Sense

Meeting Minutes that Make Sense

Meetings have evolved in our increasingly virtual world, and so should your notes!

Gone are the days when team members burned copious amounts of time scrolling for project decisions, risks, deadlines, or even a call-out for the next meeting date and time!

There is a better way — and it’s been the driving force behind our team’s streamlined communications for over a decade.

Which video conferencing platform
is right for your business?

Which video conferencing platform is right for your business?

Video Conferencing Platforms

Don’t Slack! Zoom in on the top 5 contenders and Meet the challenge head-on with our Feature Comparison of Video Platforms!

Video Conferencing Platforms

Make Working from Home Less Painful

How to Make Working From Home Less Painful

Although working from home, or a VW van, or a cabin’s sunlit deck, or even Everest base-camp may be second nature to our CEO and employees, moving completely virtual has come with a steep learning curve in the wake of Covid-19.

It’s okay to need a little support. Download our free eBook today to get a jump on the competition and tips to help you settle into your new normal.

But you know, it’s also okay to need a lot of support. So, are you ready to get your remote teams aligned and meet and beat challenges ahead?

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How to Make Working From Home Less Painful