Increasing Attendee Engagement with Virtual Hallways

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Case Study

Increasing Attendee Engagement with Virtual Hallways

Virtual Events

Our client’s events moved offline due to COVID and response was flat – there was no attendee engagement and interaction. We implemented virtual hallways throughout the event featuring various activities that spiked interaction and transformed the two-day event.

Client Challenge

Our client regularly hosted 70-person two-day events for customers, employees, and partners that were geared to better cohesion between the organizations. These had to move online due to COVID.
Along with expected technical issues, one of the largest challenges was the silence on the calls due to the need to limit attendees over-talking the presentations. This led to a lack of engagement throughout the sessions and little interaction between attendees, which was the opposite of what our client was trying to achieve.
Our client asked us to provide a solution where participants would be able to engage between sessions as they would in a real conference.

How We Solved It

We implemented virtual hallways for participants, presenters, and facilitators to encourage interaction at various levels. The only way to find links to the hallways was during regular sessions, as a way to encourage more attendance.
These hallways featured the following:

  • Team and individual contests
  • Desk flexibility exercises
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Personality testing

Contests had real prizes shipped to the winners, which were advertised during the regular sessions. These prizes became coveted trophies which further increased the online banter and competition levels.
More importantly, they were fun and became “go-to” places for people to interact online.

Business Impact

These “hallways” became meeting places that encouraged discussions ranging from pets and children to solving meeting bandwidth issues.
The client remarked to us, “we went from almost dead silence to an interactive, engaging series of group sessions”.

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