Increase Revenues with Fractional Sales Support

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Virtira Fractional Services

Virtira’s fractional Enterprise Sales Support services were a cost-effective solution to transform the workflow of overloaded enterprise account managers who were buried chasing approvals and administrative tasks.

Client Challenge

The Director of Sales was concerned about losing her top sales reps – because they weren’t closing deals in time to make quota. Her colleague recommended Virtira remote fractional services to speed things up with a solution that would create workflow improvements for her account teams. These were our initial observations of what needed solving:

  • Account reps were buried in administrative tasks.
  • Specialized technical resources were poorly utilized.
  • Extended teams and partners were difficult to coordinate.

How We Solved It

Virtira took over tracking and gaining approvals for special configurations, partner enhancements, and financing. This meant dealing with – and organizing – deliverables from over 30 people. The previously bogged down and non-productive account reps transformed back into high performers and were able to take on more customers as a result. We were able to do this in less than 5 hours per week per account team.

Business Impact

Virtira freed up at least 10 hours/week in more than 200 sales pursuits.

  • We host weekly extended team meetings to drive accountability, strategy, and next steps.
  • Our weekly status updates and action item follow-ups make everyone accountable.
  • We implement effective tracking of actions across multiple sales pursuits.

Virtira lets account managers focus on sales by giving them back over a day a week. This resulted in them consistently exceeding their annual sales targets.