Improving Sales Workflow Generated over $1 Million in Closed Deals

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Virtira Sales Operations

Virtira’s team evangelized a new telecommunications service to the client’s staff and customers, generating over 65% of closed deals.

Client Challenge

A leading telecommunications client added a new service to their solutions portfolio but was challenged educating their sales force and responding to client demand.

  • The client needed help educating account managers (AMs) on the new solutions.
  • They did not have a team capable of responding to all their customers’ needs.
  • The bombardment of potential customers and internal AMs who needed attention overwhelmed the client and forced them to pick and choose who to respond to, leaving many customers out in the cold.

How We Solved It

Virtira provided a dedicated team focused on knowledge transfer and improving workflow to save countless deals that the overburdened teams simply did not have the capacity to handle. We educated sales managers and customers on the new solution, saved sales, and closed deals that would have been lost.

  • We conducted intensive outreach for the new solution and made presentations and gave demonstrations.
  • We made sure that all account managers recognized how to position the solution in their accounts, which brought in more opportunities.
  • We made certain that even the smallest inquiry from customers or account teams was followed up and tracked.

Business Impact

Virtira spread awareness about the new solution internally and externally. Virtira directly generated $1.3 million in revenue for the client from the deals closed by our team.

  • We were responsible for more than 65% of the deals closed for the solution.
  • By taking the workload off the business development team, they could focus on much larger accounts.