Implementing SAP Hana to Cut Reporting Effort by Over 90%

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A legacy data gathering and reporting system that cost many hours to produce and had a high risk of errors — was transformed into a scalable Enterprise solution by implementing SAP Hana.  Stakeholders can now trust that what they are seeing is a true reflection of the business.

Client Challenge

Our client inherited an unwieldy, clunky report that had to be produced at the beginning of every month for the Architecture Leadership of a global OEM. Key issues with this system:

  • It took over a day to pull the various data sets and what was produced couldn’t be relied upon or easily verified.
  • Built over a decade before, it had been bandaged together with each changing of the guard.
  • Pulling it together each month was an intense, very manual endeavor with many redundancies.

Our consultant was asked to rebuild it.

How We Solved It

Over a four-month period, we scoped what information and in what format each stakeholder needed. Then, we created a new system of accessing data that accelerated the reporting process and dramatically improved accuracy.

  • We reengineered the process so we could pull the data through SAP Hana. Then, we built links into hidden pivot tables that just need to be refreshed to feed dashboards.
  • These dashboards were created so that users had the data in a format close to what they were used to. This was important to secure buy-in. This included all of the relevant data, (bookings, Y/Y growth, plan attainment).
  • The new system increased reach and granularity of the dashboards to the regional level, which was previously not possible.
  • Every table that the user sees is now generated by just refreshing the data in the hidden pivots.

Business Impact

Previously it would require 8-10 hours to manually put the information together at the beginning of each month. Now it takes the length of time for the data to be pulled in SAP Hana, usually 45 mins to an hour.

It is also easily scalable. New user feature requests that would have been impossible to add previously are now easy to add.

Stakeholders can now trust that what they are seeing is a true reflection of the business. With the extra levels of detail and a more user-friendly layout, it has been very well received throughout the organization.

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