Building Stronger Partner Relationships with Dashboards

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Sales Beacon implemented online dashboards and team relationship models for more than 30 people across 6 planning teams and 38 events. This resulted in a better partner relationship and increased revenues.

Client Challenge

Our client had recently launched a solution jointly developed with a major partner. The Director of Sales contacted us to put together and manage a series of events across the US to help solve the lack of traction and bring the client and partner sales teams together. It was necessary to leverage the strengths of both organizations to substantially grow revenues.

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon provided support for more than 30 people across 6 planning teams and 38 events.

  • Set up and managed a central resource repository
  • Helped develop a new account strategy including a Play Book/ Take Away Package
  • Sales Beacon managed event logistics at all venues including materials, catering and AV needs

Business Impact

These events drove significant incremental channel-led revenue by bringing customer and partner sales team together to present an integrated solution to prospects across the US.

  • Outsourcing the management to our Partner Enablement experts meant that sales managers on both sides could focus on presenting solutions to prospects.
  • The reduced stress that occurred from not having to deal with event logistics improved partner collaboration and allowed the teams to interact about the business, not problems.
  • The national launch had outstanding partner and client feedback.

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