Driving Remote Collaboration Across Asia, Europe & The Americas

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The client needed to bring numerous country teams together to develop and manage a roadshow across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The roadshow was to create awareness of the new solution architectures for a multi-national telephone companies. We were called in because internal staff lacked capacity and didn’t have the experience managing remote cross-functional team members.

Client Challenge

Our client had new service/product solutions they needed to showcase. Their goal was to create “Top of Mind” awareness reaffirming their leadership in networking technologies. They needed to generate awareness of new products and solution architectures among employees, customers, and partners. There was a training component for employees, customers and partners

The roadshow was one piece of a much larger social media and advertising campaign.

How We Solved It

We have a remote team management methodology that we used to make sure we streamlined the process for all stakeholders, all of whom had full-time jobs in addition to this assignment:

  • Developed weekly meetings for each of the groups and sub-groups.
  • Coordinated and produced stakeholder communications.
  • Tracked and followed up on daily action items.
  • Tracked registrants across 15 venues in 3 global centres (Asia, Europe, Americas).
  • Tracked budgeted costs vs. actual spend.
  • Coordinated the creation of learning material and content.

Business Impact

We were able to successfully complete this assignment and introduced more than 1,600 attendees to the new solution architectures. The key that our sponsors and stakeholders had as little stress as possible throughout the process.

  • Participant feedback led to executive approval for another roadshow the following year.
  • Overall feedback from participants rated between “Very Good” to “Excellent”.