Driving Cross Functional Team Accountability

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Case Study

Driving Cross Functional Team Accountability

Project Rescue

Our client needed a better understanding of how bundled solutions could better meet customer needs.

We facilitated 30 people across 3 business departments and product teams to create and roll out bundled solutions critical to driving client revenues.

Client Challenge

The client was experiencing stalled sales due to inefficient utilization of very specialized technical solution providers. These specialists had to prioritize between numerous sales teams and were not able to support the teams they were assigned to.

Often, although there would be six accounts in one city, the specialist would be brought in for one meeting at a time, rather than setting up a calendar where their time would be more efficiently used. The Regional Sales Manager asked us to develop a solution.

How We Solved It

We implemented program management guidelines and agile principles to create a more effective sales environment. Our consultants ensured the specialized technical solution providers were deployed effectively throughout the sales teams.

  • Implemented project planning and tracking developed specifically for sales team support
  • Developed timely and consistent communications
  • Managed complex communications to stakeholder network
  • Managed customer workshops and briefings

Business Impact

  • Over $170M in sales
  • Better aligned teams
  • Less sales attrition

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