Doubling Charitable Revenues with Project Rescue

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Our client’s March of Dimes program had 500 people across 12 teams and over 120 sub-teams without the budget for a full-time project manager.

Because it was more work than an internal manager could handle and there wasn’t the budget for a full-time PM, we offered part-time support over several years to keep the entire team on track.

Client Challenge

Our client’s charity drive needed to bring in better results.  The COO wanted more impact from the company’s annual March of Dimes program.  Plus, with this being a global initiative, the client needed a solution to coordinate hundreds of distributed stakeholders at all levels.

The program couldn’t justify an expensive program manager, but it was also too much work for an employee but not enough to justify a full-time contractor.

The program has numerous objectives:

  • Build team spirit
  • Educate people about the March of Dimes premature babies mission
  • Achieve more fundraising results

How We Solved It

We provided a flexible, fractional solution and pushed the results to new levels. This included project support for over 500 people, split into 12 main teams, and over 120 sub-teams, acting as the bridge between our client and March of Dimes fundraising effort.

  • Set up and managed a central repository
  • Developed project plans and status reports
  • Organized weekly meetings for the core team and tracked team action items

Business Impact

  • Raised more than $4M over 4 years (the previous 8 years had raised a total of $1.3M)
  • Streamlined reporting to drive fundraising competition
  • March of Dimes has become our client’s 2nd largest official corporate charity

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