Close More Deals by Increasing Sales Team Efficiency

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Virtira Sales Operations

We were called in to implement Enterprise Sales Support to help account managers whose time was being inefficiently burned chasing cross-functional action items. By implementing a six-hour a week solution, we were to free up significant sales time, resulting in increased revenues.

Client Challenge

Account teams were slow to close complex sales opportunities due to administrative burdens. This was causing missed revenue targets and impacting morale throughout the sales organization. The customer had agreed to purchase; the issue was getting all the details finalized so the customer could sign the final statement of work.

  • Account managers burdened by non-sales administrative tasks.
  • Numerous inputs were needed by finance, advanced services, and technology solutions that required the account manager to spend her time chasing people, rather than the order.
  • The customer was not seeing their solution going forward and was starting to look at the competition.

How We Solved It

Virtira’s consultants implemented a fractional program to reduce the overhead burden in complex enterprise sales pursuits. We offloaded the people and details problems from the account rep and focused on escalating issues and ensuring that scarce technical resources were well coordinated to provide support.

  • Coordinated the entire team towards sales focus and timelines.
  • Hosted weekly team status meetings to review issues, follow up on deliverables, drive action items, next steps, and strategy.
  • Provided daily action item reminders and weekly status updates.

Business Impact

Account managers exceeded quota, were able to take on more accounts, and improved customer relationships:

  • Sales team motivation and productivity improved due to increased selling time.
  • Close rates for teams increased.
  • Cost of sales was reduced due to more efficient scheduling of expensive technical and specialist resources between opportunities.