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With so many architectures and solutions, a big adoption success factor lies in making partners trained and aware of products and releases that are available.

As a result of our work, tool adoption went up internally which then grew partner training participation by 200-400% for each of the six architecture offered.

Client Challenge

Our client had a low pulse on partner participation for partner training events. This was due to low tool adoption, slow turnarounds, and lack of storytelling. They asked us to manage the partner enablement process. What resulted was: faster turnarounds, uptake in tool usage which resulted in optimized partner enablement metrics. The client now understood which partners were enabled in what solutions. Executives started to have better awareness around what was going on at the partner training level and account teams were armed to communicate upcoming events in a more pleasant and digestible way.

Our client had adopted a well-designed event planning tool, which handled steps such as scheduling meetings, sending invitations to partners, and registrations. Use of the tool was required by corporate headquarters to manage the partner experience and ensure data security.

However, largely because no one stopped to analyze the complexity of planning events and required steps, the turnaround cycle was taking six weeks to execute. This resulted in lower use of the mandated tool, fewer partner training events, lower attendance, and a lack of accurate data on which partners were enabled on what solution.

How We Solved It

Sales Beacon analyzed the situation and created a plan to solve the challenge:

  • Optimized the platform by analyzing the event tool for ways to make it easier to work with, making faster turnarounds, and increasing utilization.
  • Found a way to execute required translations (French) faster.
  • Created and updated event listings in a nice format so that our client’s sales teams could proudly share them with partners. Partners became more aware of events relevant to them.
  • Created a process for our client’s business development managers and engineers to share information on partner events that were not hosted through the planning tool, helping build a more accurate picture of partner enablement.
  • Developed more consistency around how partners were being notified of training events, increasing their participation, and compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Provided dashboards and updates to executives regularly, so they had a clear understanding of the partner training being done.

Business Impact

  • The time needed for event builds went from six weeks to three days.
  • The language translation time went from two weeks to the same day.
  • The metrics for partner enablement technical participation at least. doubled for every architecture and even quadrupled in some cases.

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